Panel Mount Light Pipe with UL-V1 or better


I am looking for the same product as you can find in the attachment but with a UL-Rating of V1 or better (V0). Also, minimum IP65 rating and ideal with the same dimensions. Color transparent. Temperature range -40°C – 60°C.

The manufacturer has referred me to its distributors (Digikey).

Pleas let me know if you have such a product
LCS-moisture-seal-litepipe-drawing.pdf (83.7 KB)

LCS_Datasheet_Rev7.pdf (234.7 KB)

Hello @robin.jergen,

We don’t have search parameters in the Light Pipes category for the requested specifications. I did look through all the similar options here: I wasn’t able to find a part that has the requested specs.



Thanks for your help even though there is unfortunately no suitable product.