Part #1528-2280-ND Circuit Playground Express (Request for Clarification)

Good morning,
I would like to inquire about the Circuit playground Express (Digi Key part number (1528-2280-ND) , i also would like your recommendation on lithium rechargeable batteries. Please see below some questions i have.

1- can i operate the lights via mobile (app) possibly the Bluefruit app ?
2- Should i instead buy the Circuit Playground Bluefruit (part # 1528-4333-ND) to be able to connect through my phone ?.
3- which voltage battery should I purchase to connect to ?
5- is the circuit playground water resistant, if not, can I dip it in electric liquid sealant.

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum harout3141.
The 1528-2280-ND works on any battery between 3-6VDC.
I do not see any option for remote operation, from the datasheet.
The 1528-4333-ND con be connected with Bluetooth, and can accept up to a 6VDC battery.
These boards are not water resistant. You may be able to seal the board, but that would make the electrical connections, switches and the connectors unusable.