Part #ED3724-ND need a thinner socket

Hello, I bought ED3724-ND CONN IC DIP SOCKET 24POS TINLEAD socket and I am hoping to find a thinner socket. When I install this and add the clock chip on top it pushes against the shield when installed. I need to replace a bunch of the clock chips, and dont feel good with them rubbing on the shield.

Thank you

Hello @Loneone,

There is another socket that might work. The part is ED5624-ND (Mil-Max # 115-93-624-41-003000). Please see the snip from the datasheet for the height.

Hope this helps!


ouch! big difference in cost, but if that helps I will make it work. the pins are a little bigger also. I am going to order one and give it a try. Thank you very much!