PCB generation issue

My PCB is getting cut off at the top of the board when I generate the ZIP files. For some reason this issue is not seen when I am going through and labeling the layers. However, when I generate the files, it shows a weird triangular cutoff at the top. Do you know how to fix this issue?

Hello @s-alkhateeb

I will direct message you to resolve this issue.

Hi I sent you an email response back. Please respond as soon as possible…

The issue is our viewer was not registering the files correctly. Our viewer is not considered the final product, files should be checked and confirmed by the design software.

That may explain why the viewer always scales my Excellon drill files wrong (generated in Eagle 7).
Boards were fabricated properly though.
For what it’s worth, before release I check the Gerbers with gerbv (freeware Gerber viewer) and same problem scaling the drill file. I have to turn off auto scale and manually set number of digits.

@boppenheimer exactly, every design software does things slightly different, which leads to each having some issue in a 3rd party viewer. Best way is to fine tune the viewer to each designer.

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