Drill Holes not lined up in preview

I have tried uploading 2 layouts, but on both the drill holes are not lining up with the other layers. The drill locations are scaled larger in both the X and Y direction.
I am using Eagle 6.6 and generating an Echelon drill file.
Any suggestions for a fix?

Hello @cpsdesigns

I did reach out to someone with our PCB Builder tools and they should be reaching out to you shortly if they have not already.


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Excellon format drill files very often cause problems for me with some CAM checking systems. Because of that I always also generate a simplified plain ASCII text drill file and use that instead of the Excellon file when submitting to online CAM tools for checking.

I’m not familiar with Eagle so don’t know if it outputs a simplified plain ASCII text format.

I’ve been using an excellon drill file, which often doesn’t display properly in the preview. Boards ordered anyway were received with correct drills and locations. In-house, I use gerbv to check the files and can’t rely on it to automatically set the scale for drill file there, I need to manually set 5 digits and all ligns up.

Robert Oppenheimer