PCB mill drill bit getting stuck after probing for height

I am using Othermill Pro to print PCBs. After I locate a tool with the Bantam Tools Software, instead of returning to its original position, the mill stays slightly above the spoilboard. I can re-home the mill and it is fine to move on the z-axis, but sometimes it will get stuck right above the spoilboard while the software says it is far above the base of the spoilboard.

I am still able to re-home it and it can move up and down then, but after locating the tool, it will remain stuck in this position. Have you encountered this problem and is there a fix to it? I’ve updated the firmware and tried restarting the system multiple times.

Hello shaoqui - welcome to the Forum Community! Is this a product that you purchased from Digi-key? I am not finding any information on Othermill Pro on our website. Do you have a Digi-key part number you can share?

Hi Jenny - I was referring to the desktop PCB milling machine from this link https://www.digikey.com/en/product-highlight/b/bantam-tools/desktop-pcb-milling-machine.

Thank you shaoqui - I have forwarded your original post to our Product Specialist and he will be able to help.