PICO-PI-IMX7 and VGA666 adapter

Hi, I recently noticed that the pico-pi-imx7 single board computer has the same gpio as a raspberry pi 3.

And my question is the following:

Could you use the vga666 adapter of the raspberry pi3 to be able to take an image on a vga monitor? . The pico-pi-imx7 has no hdmi output, it only has an interface for rgb ttl touch screens.

To use the vga666 addon you need DPI.

3.2. Digital Display Sub-System (DSS) or TTL Interface
The Parallel Display interface of PICO-IMX7 is derived from the eLCDIF subsystem. The eLCDIF is a
general purpose display controller used to drive a wide range of display devices varying in size and
capability. The eLCDIF is designed to support dumb (synchronous 24-bit Parallel RGB interface) and
smart (asynchronous parallel MPU interface) LCD devices.
The block has several major features:
 Bus master interface to source frame buffer data for display refresh. This interface can also
be used to drive data for “Smart” displays.
 PIO interface to manage data transfers between “Smart” displays and SoC.
 8/16/18/24/32 bit LCD data bus support available depending on I/O mux options.
 Programmable timing and parameters for MPU, VSYNC and DOTCLK LCD interfaces to
support a wide variety of displays.
 ITU-R BT.656 mode (called Digital Video Interface or DVI mode here) including progressiveto-interlace feature and RGB to YCbCr 4:2:2 color space conversion to support 525/60 and
625/50 operation.

Could someone tell me if it would be viable?


Give it a shot, i’m not going to say it “won’t” work. It’s just going to take some serious pinmux review and probally driver development.


Thanks Robert!!