Pin Identification 9 Pin Connector

I’m trying to find out which pins to order for this 9 pin connector. I need the male and female pins. I have tried using 18-24 AWG pins (too small) and 18-20 AWG pins (too big). I’m not very familiar with identifying these types of components. I was going to go ahead and try a 18-22 pin but I saw there was also a 20-22 pin and I do not know the difference. The number I can see on the connector is 927231. Thank you

Possibly the Universal MATE-N-LOK series

350720-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

< Click Here for Contacts for this series >

Different gauge wire works with this series, it’s not so important to match the wire gauge as it is to make sure you have the correct pins/sockets for the series.

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Okay. If I got a quantity of two of the 350720-1 connector and an assortment of the pins with different gauges that are featured in the second link you attached, that would work?

There is a dimensional drawing for 350720-1 available here.

Take a look at the dimensions to compare with what you have to see if it would work. The spacing between your pins should be 1/4 inch if it’s the same or similar connector.

The pins on the above link are all compatible with 350720-1.

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Do you know if part #350782-1 is the female counterpart for 350720-1?

That’s one of the options for a mate, that is a female counterpart, yes.

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