Planet IGTP-805AT


Kindly provide guidance, I am looking to buy Planet IGTP-805AT. Is it safe and practical to use it in Egypt?
FYI Egypt has a 220V / 50Hz electrical system.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Peter,

The Planet IGTP-805AT can be utilized anywhere in the world basically. It has an input of 12-48VDC or 24VAC. The pic below shows the input power type of connection and the POE capacity.

The data sheet has more in depth information on this part.

Hope that helps.

Hello @peterzakher ,

Thank you for your inquiry. You may want to see if 95-N785-H01-SFP-ND will work for you as this lists 220V @ 50Hz. Please review datasheet specifications to verify if this will work for your specific application as this has differences from your original part. For sales inquiry, please contact or 1-800-344-4539.