PLD 600 54Z suitable for Fluence Spydr 2p?

i am not sure which category fits for LED drivers.
Is the PLD 600 54Z the same like in the Fluence Spydr 2p? It is a Powerland driver with the same specifications.
Wire isolation has even the same color.
The only thing is the original driver takes 645Watt maximum and the driver i bought here takes around 617 Watt.
Where does the difference come from?
Also the dimming doesn’t work correct anymore. I had to disconnect (grey cable) it to achieve max Watt.
When connected max is only 550 Watt.
I use an analog dimmer (potentiometer).
Maybe someone can help.
Thanks a lot

Hi Rene,
Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum. The only information I see for the Spydr 2P driver is here . They do have the LED specifications listed but not the driver so I’m unable to compare the two you listed. I see you have maximum wattage ratings, where did you find those numbers? Are you measuring the outputs of the drivers to get this? Does the original driver on the Fluence Sypdr 2P have any input/output information, part numbers we can use for reference ?

hello Steve
thanks for the quick reply
i will do some more investigations and measurements.
I do use a energy cost meter which shows me the watt consumption of devices.
There is an extra circuit board for the dimming added from Fluence and i do believe there is the problem.