Please help Identify this connector

I am replacing the power cord for my Milwaukee D-Handle Hammer Drill (Model 5398)

I was able to unwrap the neutral wire connector and connect the new wire.

While unwrapping the hot wire connector the mystery copper connector snapped in half.

I am trying to find the name of this connector in the googles, but i am not having any success. Here is a picture to the neutral wire that i got to work:

Wire Connector|608x500

i got to the point of just wanting to replace the switch, however that part is discontinued so i am going to have to replace this connector. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

Hello Paultallica and welcome to the Forum.

Can you provide a picture of the mating end and a width measurement for that unit? If its just a blade plug then its possible a .250" quick connect is what you need.

Here is a picture of the matting end, the phone didn’t want to focus so its not the best

The width of the male end is 4.75mm and it is 5/8" long

Hello paultallica,
Looking at the picture of that contact you sent I am thinking you might be referring to some Brush contacts.

We do have a few that might be similar. Please take a look at those and see if they will work for you.

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That looks perfect, i put an order in for some earlier. Fingers crossed.

Nailed it. The Drill works again!

Many thanks

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