Please help me identify these parts


I stumbled across an opportunity and purchased about 300 of these damaged boards. They are PetSafe In-ground dog fence transmitters, model RF-1010. These have all been damaged by lighting surges. I am hoping that I can repair them and make some good money for my family. I know how to solder, but the problem is that I’m not familiar with this stuff, so I have no idea what these parts are or how to find/order them. If someone could please identify them for me, maybe even with a link to the part in stock, I would be really grateful. I’ve circled the parts that I need. Please let me know if any additional photos or info would be helpful.
Thank you in advance for any help



Can you verify any part markings on the circled parts. Some are clear I just want to make sure i have them. Also can you verify the color bands on the two resistors.



Some additional photos:


Hey Robert,
Thanks so much for the reply!
I added some more close-up photos.

The first band looks like it is either blank or grey, and then red, silver, gold.

Burgundy Part numbers:
104K 250JS
184K 250JS

The small black 3-legged part numbers seem to vary from board to board, so I’m not sure what is the best thing to do there?
Here’s what I got:
2N 5550 509
2N 3906 519
2N 3904 419
2N 5401 250
MPS A13 511
MC78L 05ACP 522

The tall black ones with circle hole in top:


I also found this schematic online. I don’t know if it is of an help?


184K 250JS

  • 184=.18uF
  • k=10% tolerance
  • 250 = Voltage
    Take a look at part EF2184-ND

104K 250JS

  • 104=.10uF
  • k=10% tolerance
  • 250 = Voltage
    Take a look at part EF2104-ND

I would just verify lead spacing on these two parts.

2N5550 - 2N5550TACT-ND
2N3906 - 2N3906-APCT-ND
2N3904 - 2N3904FS-ND
2N5401 - 2N5401CS-ND
MPSA13 - MPSA13-AP-ND We do not stock this part. Take a look at PN2222TFCT-ND should work for you.


Let me know if you have any questions on these part numbers.

Sorry I forgot the resistor. Looks like a .82 Ohm 5% if the markings are Gray, Red, Silver, Gold.

Take a look at 0.82W-2-ND Again you can check the physical size to verify the watts on this series.


Thank you so much!
Based on the length measurement I took, it looks like the resistor is 1 watt, so I got the 0.82W-1-ND
I’m putting in a small order first to try everything out. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thank you so much again for your help.