Please help me identify this latching rectangular connector

Outside dimensions of the 3 pin male header: 10mm long by 6.7mm wide by 7.3 or 7.4mm high
2mm pitch.

Maybe WM18921-ND

You can double check measurements on the datasheet.


Doesn’t appear to match to me.

From WM18921-ND:


Actual top-down view:


Do you know the pitch? Measurement between pins.

2mm pin pitch

Hi Thanks for contacting Digi-Key. Is it possible to send additional photos and measurements , including the pitch of the contacts.

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Here’s some more photos.


3-pin Male header outside length: 10mm
3-pin Male header outside width: 6.7mm as measured at the base
3-pin Male header insulation height: 7.5mm
3-pin Male header pin pitch: 2mm
3-pin Male header inside length: 8.7mm
3-pin Male header inside width: 4.5mm

I am trying to modify a product as a hobby project. This board also contains an Elan 8-bit MCU (which has an English datasheet but is not found on digikey) and an A308 lithium charger IC that I can only find information on from Alibaba. This suggests to me that their supply-chain is based out of Asia and compatible connectors may not be found through Molex or other North American suppliers.

That Latch is what I couldn’t find in our catalog. The 5023510300 looks very similar in profile, but the latch is just a touch off.

My search space was here: