Power cable missing label

I recently ordered the 11910412F701-1 cable from Digi-key. I noticed that both the picture on the site and the cms datasheet show that “LABEL 1” should be attached to the cable near the “B” Connector. The cable I received only has “LABEL 2” attached. Is this product official or a knock-off? Is it safe to use?

In fact the label on the cable does not match the datasheet, no barcode on it.

Hello Cytrellis,

We have checked with the supplier regarding if there were any part changes. As per the manufacturer there has been a change to the markings on the cable which covered information on label so they had removed the extra label.

" Please see the attached report. When I looked into this I found that old cords required additional labels as required markings were not on the cable or molded into the overmolds on the connectors.
Then manufacturing updated the overmolds so to eliminate the need for the extra labeling.

Attached is Spec Rev A which shows 2 labels.
Then Specs Rev D, D1 & D2, show just the 1 label as not the overmolds have more details molded onto them."

11910412F701-1.pdf (127.0 KB)
11910412F701-1-RevD2-Effective 11_11_2020 22_06.pdf (305.3 KB)

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards