Power Monitor for > 70VDC


I’m looking for a Power Monitor IC like the INA233.
The INA233 can sense bus voltages from 0-36V

In my application I have a LION batterie with 60V (67.2V if fully charged)

Can someone recommend a IC similar to the INA233 which can handle 70VDC?

Thanks for help.


INA286AIDR has an Input Voltage: -14V ~ 80V

Hi Rhonda,

thanks for your answer.
Actually I’m looking for a smart Power Monitor like the INA233.

This one is a current, voltage, and power monitor with an I2C-Interface.
The device monitors and reports values for current, voltage, and power.
The integrated power accumulator can be used for energy or average power calculations.

The integrated power monitor is important for me because my controller has a lot to do…