Power supply replacement

Digi-Key Part Number 271-1036-ND
Manufacturer ## SL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands
Manufacturer Part Number GPM130B
Description AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 12V -5V -12V
Detailed Description ### Open Frame AC DC Converters 4 Output 5V 12V -5V -12V 16A, 5A, 1.2A, 1.2A 85 ~ 264 VAC Input

The 1866-3472-ND seems to be the closest medically rated supply that we have in stock. The 5V output is rated for 12A without forced air, or 15A with 25CFM forced air. The other outputs are quite similar, with +12V @ 5.3A (convection), -5V @ 1A (convection), and -12V @ 1A (convection).