Powering the Raspberry Pi 3


The Raspberry Pi 3 is powered by a USB Micro power supply that can supply at least 2A at 5V for the Model 3B, or 700mA at 5V for the earlier, lower powered models. Lower current (~700mA) power supplies will work for most basic functions, however are more likely to cause the Pi to reboot if it draws too much power.

Using an adapter such as 1528-1798-ND above will allow you to use a wall adapter with a 2.1mm ID and 5.5mm OD barrel plug to get 5V and 2A and properly power your Pi 3B.

Here is a list of Barrel Plug Power Supplies Digi-Key carries that will work with adapter 1528-1798-ND and provide 5V and at least 2A.

There’s also a selection of power supplies which have Type A ports to allow for a standard Type A to Micro-B cable (like those used for phone charging) to be used. Lastly, there are some power supplies which have the a Micro-B plug attached .

Type A to Micro-B Cable ex: Q853-ND
Micro-B Attached Power Supply ex: 993-1292-ND
Type A Power Supply ex: 102-3777-ND

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Great post! I see a lot of people in other communities asking about power supplies. Also good to know that you can just buy an adapter like that instead of the specific power supply Adafruit has. Sure the Pi is $30, but after all the accessories you’re at $60+. The adapter costs less than $2 :slight_smile:


What is the wire gauge in the DC barrel to microusb adapter 1528-1798-ND ?