Pressure pad and electronics

Hello, I am looking for some help with an event I am creating for kids…

My project is as follows, Happy to share picture for better understanding of the activation.

  • We have a carpet and underneath the carpet we will need a pressure pad
  • There is a megaphone attached to the wall and the mechanism is hidden behind the wall
  • Once the kid steps on to that pressure pad, he/she will lean in to that megaphone and a story will play through that megaphone
  • Once the kid steps away from that pressure pad, the story will stop and start from the beginning again once a different kid steps on it.

What I am looking for:

  • Pressure pad
  • Mechanism attached to the pad that will sit behind the wall and is able to hold the story in to it
  • Decent speaker, nothing extravagant.
  • All wiring
  • Hook-up service so that everything is pretty much plug and play

We need six sets altogether in NYC.

Please advise

Thank you


Hi Baqer,

If any chance, could you provide a few more bits of specification:

  1. What should be the size of the pad?
  2. What is the max. length of the story?
  3. Battery powered or is AC available?
  4. Outdoors or indoors?

Finest Regards,
Heke, Asamalab

Hi Heke

Thank you for your email. Please have a look at the replies below… Please also see the attached for ease of reference.

Thank you for any help


Hi Baqer,

Unfortunately it is not easy to find a plug-and-play solution to your request.
There are many ways to implement the system, but pretty much all would require some tinkering.
Could for example think of having wireless elderly monitoring pads, that trigger a some kind of a playback stream.

Alternatively the sensing could be done with e.g. infrared proximity sensors.

You could perhaps contact local makerspaces to find out if there is someone who is able to help.
For example,


Thanks Heke

I will look in to this.