RFID Pressure Sensor

I am looking for a small, passive RFID tag with an embedded pressure sensor capable of measuring around 100 psi. I would like to stick this to the inside wall of an aluminum pressurized can so I can wirelessly read the internal pressure with a RFID reader outside the can. Does anyone know of a cost effect solution out there for this application?

Hello jfriend,

That would be a nice set of features. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any such item. However, you may want to explore an automotive technology known as an active real-time Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). With this technology you attach a small sensor to the tire’s Schrader valve. Each sensor then sends wireless data to a central display.

Best wishes adapting this or related technology to your needs.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m not aware of any RFID tag with pressure sensor built in but take a look at these tire pressure sensors or this pressure sensor, Digikey part 448-SP4001511XTMA1CT-ND. Maybe you can incorporate one of these in your design.

Please note that a metallic vessel would function as a Faraday cage, preventing RF transmissions across its boundaries.


I am not aware of any pressure sensor embedded RFID tag. You can use an Arduino+Pressure sensor+RFID tag+reader. You already have got suggestions regarding pressure sensor. You can choose MFRC522 RFID reader for the RFID part: