Prevent Accidental Memory Loss through Good Battery Contact

Coin-Type Lithium batteries are widely used for many memory backup applications. But sometimes a poor battery contact connection may lead to an accidental memory erasure even with a good battery.

To prevent unexpected memory erasure, check these tips for proper battery backup use.
For long-term continuous battery use, it’s suggested to

  • Use a battery with solderable tab terminals, so that the battery can be permanently soldered to battery contacts or clips on the PCB.
  • If the battery requires periodic replacement, you can use a battery holder

For short-term periodic battery replacement, it’s suggested to use batteries without solderable tab terminals or lead connector.

To guard against momentary contact failures of a few milliseconds in duration - all it can take to lose your stored volatile memory - it’s recommended to use the tantalum capacitor - diode - resistor circuit, which can supply a few milliseconds’ charge in the case of momentary contact failure. You should also avoid touching the contact surfaces of the battery with bare hands, as human skin oils will increase the contact resistance and impair proper contact.