Problem finding correct LTW locking mechanism

I ordered a BD-088BFFA-QL8MP0 plug to repair the mic cord on a Icom M801 SSB transceiver. It fits but the locking mechanism is incorrect. I need one that locks with a quarter turn to the right. The ordered part has a spring mechanism where you turn it to the left insert the plug then let it return to the right. It will not mate with the jack when in the unlock position. I also had ordered a panel jack for the remote mic for an ICOM VHF radio and found that while everything else was correct, it had a threaded locking mechanism rather than a turn to the right bayonet mechanism. I have not figured out how to order the right locking mechanisms.


Unfortunately this one does not come in a bayonet lock type connection.

Curious which part number that you ordered for the ICOM VHF remote mic?


If the one in the image(which I hope I managed to fix to make it visible) is the one he was trying to use.

It looks like the AU-08PMMP-QC8001. However They would need to confirm.
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