PTFE wire suitable for crimping

Hi I am looking for a PTFE coated wire with a wire gauge of AWG24 that I can crimp to a D-Sub connector.

I was informed by a colleague that you can’t crimp a single strand wire as it needs to be a multi stranded cable.

I think I found a cable for my application (Model: 5854/7 BK005) and I tried to contacted the supplier multiple times if I can crimp this wire but they didn’t respond. I am learning about electrical engineering which is why I am asking about this.

Can anyone confirm if I can crimp this wire or is there a PTFE cable I can use? I need to use PTFE due to the application of my project.



Welcome to the technical forum. I looked up part number 5854/7 BK005 and yes it is 24 awg and PTFE. This does appear to meet youre requirement. Yes. You should be able to crimp this wire.

Hey @andrew.dunn Just wanted to hop in here and say that your colleague was right about crimping a multi-stranded cable. The reason for this is that when you crimp a contact with stranded wire, the metal in the contact compresses and folds around the individual strands in the wire section like below:


This allows the contact to have multiple points of contact and help retain the wire in the crimp area.

In comparison, if you try to crimp a single conductor wire, it doesn’t have that capability to grab the wire like its stranded counterparts. This will result in a crimp contact that will fall off the wire and likely fail any pull tests.

Here’s a neat PDF I found from TE that shows Crimp Quality Guidelines:
65784_Crimp Quality Poster_ENGLISH_26x13 version.pdf (2.7 MB)

This came from their Application Tooling Literature Page.

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