Rabbit 3000 Firmware self update

Hi. I have created a firmware for a Rabbit 3000 board that can download the new update version of it self from our own server thru udp protocol.
New firmware is stored on xmem without issues and hash is ok.
Now I need to store the new firmware on Flash and reboot.
I’m trying WriteFlash(0x00, …) but it’s failing (board does not boot any more).
The firmware is compiled with this options:

y:\DCRABBIT_9.62\Dccl_cmp.exe y:\src\code.c -pf y:\src\project.dcp -o y:\compile.log -rb+ -rd- -wa

If I send the firmware using the Dcrab_9.62.exe and a cable it works again.

So definitely I’m missing the proper way to create/compile the firmware to be written on flash from the code it self.

Any suggestions?


Hi @jschijman for Legacy Rabbit 3000 support, you might have better luck contacting the supplier directly:


Welcome to the Technical Forum. I checked with the Product Specialist on this one. Here is the response back:

I just tried the command he sent and is working for me on the command line. I am running one of the demo apps and below is my output when I run it. Can you make sure that customer does not have Dcrab_9.62.exe open as that would tie up the com port. Does he have a log of his failure?

Hi! sorry my bad english, but the command I send also works for me. Actually I was trying to explain that I successfully use this command for compilation and then send the firmware to the rabbit using my udp protocol and store this new firmware on the xmem area.
My issue is when trying to move the firmware from xmem area to flash and reboot on the new firmware. This is failing and I don’t know why.
Any ideas?

Hi @jschijman, I agree with RobertCNelson, at this point, it would probably to your advantage to contact Digi directly.