RE: PICO-PI-IMX7 and Siging In/Um?


Yeap, i’ve got an antenna installed.



Hello Sir,


See here: My device is listed as early as kernel 3.10+. I think I will try 4335 instead of 4339. Would this even make sense? What if I try to add the files as UART instead of SDIO?

I have not received WiFi access yet.

Where did you find that info. about the need for brcmfmac4339-sdio.txt and .bin or whatever in the /lib/firmware/brcm/ dir?


P.S. I apologize for this headache. I am out of ideas. That is all. I see the schematic states AP6212 is the chip for WIFI/BT but I have a AP6335. Do you think this would make a difference? Page 16 on this .pdf shows the pins of the chip (supposedly): If that site is risky on your end, I will find another site. I do not even think that this chip is a broadcom chip at all.


Okay Sir,

@RobertCNelson: As far as I can tell, ARM chips on the Linux side is not supportive of this WiFi/BT chip (AP6335). I am pretty sure.

I just ran through some of the /arch/arm/ directories to look around to find if ARM supports these WiFi chips on github under torvalds/linux.


P.S. The Taiwan side of things states that prior to 2015, Broadcom was owned by Broadcom but that they were bought out by some co. and renamed Broadcom Ltd. Anyway…I might have to go to the ARM community to find answers. I will keep you updated. Do you think I should have installed rfkill at all?



I do not have modprobe installed on my machine or I just do not know how to utilize it yet. Either way, I found this idea:

I was probably wrong or I need to type up my own driver. I see that thing are supported or not supported on different pages online. It is hard to guess. I will keep testing.

Oh and sir, if you know how I can get modprobe on this machine, please reply. I will try to look this up in time.


P.S. I also found some interesting info. about older models of the software that may still be on the computer (debian@arm)/PICO-PI. Noted here, I have many different variations of software for other chips available on my machine. Do you think I should erase them? Then, I could try just “barebones” and start from scratch w/ what is listed —> AP6335 = brcmfmac = BCM4335/BCM4339. What do you think?



I am up to my old tricks again. Here,, is where I figured I could get some firmware for Linux.

I know I may have typed out a lot so far. Please, if you can find time, read the info. and try to reply to any of it. I would kindly appreciate it.


P.S. I might need to run the CC of the kernel again if I get this info. cloned. I have not found another option. I found the site and I see you already made the firmware available to this board for brcmfmac .bin files and .pci files.


Hello Sir,

@RobertCNelson…did you ever get any info. back from the Wandboard People? I contacted them. They huffed and puffed and blew me away. I think they are not particularly nice about the users in their community online (forums and/or their website).

Anyway, I have been unsuccessful so far (still).


P.S. If anything works ever, I will contact you again. If things are driving me batty again, I will reply again.