Renumbering on demand

Is there a way to renumber the part designators? I notice that everything gets renumbered when I copy and paste. It would sure be nice to have the program do that on demand, especially if I remove a part or two, leaving a gap in the numbering.

Your reference on the scheme should be what propagates into the design docs (And our BoM tools), The process of renaming my labels is a part of general workflow from my experience. Can you elaborate on you use of “On Demand” as I may be missing your feedback.

When I create a schematic i like to number the parts sequentially from upper left to lower right. As I work, I add parts or remove them, and when I add a part halfway across the drawing, it suddenly becomes R1 when it should be R29.

I’d like to be able to hit the resequence button and have all the numbers reset as if I had never nade any mistakes, but there is no resequence button.

I know the program can do it, because it does just what I want every time I paste in a chunk from another project. All the new numbers pick up where my drawing left off, and the values in the pasted text are seen no more.