Replacement HP Motherboard

Hi Can you recommend replacement Motherboard for HP Probook 470 G3 with I7 processor.
Regards Michael.

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If HP offers one that would be the best to buy.

Second best would be one from a specialty notebook replacement parts company in the same country where you live. (buying from outside your country can leave you with a non-working part and no refund)

Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes there will be subtle variations between revisions over time. That can make it important to get a specific revision level of the motherboard to mate with the revision level of the laptop as whole. For this reason I like to contact the vendor and verify that I get the exact right version. (they will have ways to verify based on exact model number and serial number)

Since I’m in the USA and what I’ve said above, I would ask the people at this USA company for assistance.

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You can contact HP support or visit their official website to inquire about replacement parts for your specific laptop model.