Replacing single phase induction motor with 3 phase 220v motor

i have a single phase induction motor M8RX25G4GGA and i would like to replace it with a 3 phase 220volts motor what motor should i use for a direct replacement

Hello navin_satnarine and welcome to the forum.

I can say that I do not carry any 3 phase motors that fit the specification or run torque of the M8RX25G4GGA.

Hello @navin_satnarine ,

Thank you for your question. The 3-phase versions are listed as “continuous run required” and are not listed as variable speed or reversible. If you still need the 3-phase version, please see below two options along with the original for comparison:
Click here for M8RX25G4GGA | M8MX25GK4YGA | M8MX25G4YGA

-Notice M8MX25GK4YGA that we have in stock is a sealed connector type instead of the leadwire type (that you currently have) and although the shaft length is listed as much shorter, I am thinking this is a website error and am checking into this. M8MX25G4YGA that has the leadwire is currently not in stock. Please review datasheet specifications before ordering to make sure one of these will work for your application.

Note: These models with a motor model number to which “A” is suffixed are not equipped with a capacitor cap per datasheet