Required hole size for the ExplorIR-M-20 sensor PINs

Hi, I need information about the PIN size and its tolerance of the ExplorIR-M-20, (CO2 sensor) but can not find it within the Datasheet. Does anyone has any information on it?

It looks like the pins are .5mm and 1&2 look to have a pitch of 2mm. Page 5 has the pin out and spacing measurements available off the datasheet if this helps. Link to part and the datasheet

Thank you


Hey Ryan,
Thanks for the reply. That 0.5mm is the distance of PIN #3 from the center. If you zoom in it looks bigger. As I have the sensor, the 2mm around it is part of plastic case. I have measured the PIN as 0.3mm but still need confident info on the tolerance and actual size.