Resistance Product Attribute

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how am I supposed to interpret the resistance attribute. The attribute states 2 Ohms (I guessing what the minimum resistance is?) and the data sheet says 1 Ohms. What is the actual resistance range of this rheostat

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Hi vweales,

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I’m not sure I am following your question. Both our website and the datasheet state that this is a 2.0 Ohm rheostat.

See part number breakdown from the datasheet:

If you are asking what the min and max resistance settings are for this RJS2R0E rheostat, they do not state the minimum value, but it would be no more than a few milli-ohms, and the maximum value would be 2.0 Ohms ±10%.

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Hey Dave,

Thanks for the clearification. I was looking at this.

Oh, OK. Yeah, those are just the range of resistance values available to order within each model.

Sorry I have one more question. even if I bought a rheostat that was max 10 Ohms would the minimum resistance still be a few milli-Ohms?

Yes, it would be a small fraction of an Ohm. Basically the resistance of the wiper and metal contacts.

I’m still confused about this chart. please see the attached picture. Is that the max current this rheostat can handle even if the power consumed of that rheostat is well under 100W?

Hi vweales

Edit from previous post (I needed more coffee):

Apparently I forgot some basic Ohm’s law formulae:

P = I2R

So, if you feed a 10 Ohm rheostat 3.16A, you get approximately 100W.

P = (3.16)2 x 10 = 99.85W

My previous statement still holds that some very low Ohmic value rheostats may not handle the full rated power of the vast majority of parts within the series, but it is much less dramatic than I had indicated.

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