Resistor Needed

I’m looking for a resistor to replace one that is damaged. The old one reads:
SMS T40a
R025 1%

Could someone provide me with the correct DigiKey part number for a replacement?
Also, I understand that it may be easier to use a standard resistor in place of the flush-mount one. Could I get a PN for that resister as well?

Thanks very much.

I was not able to locate the manufacture of the marking you have. There is also an SMS series by Isabellenhuette USA in a 2512 (6432 Metric) package case. The DigiKey # is 4423-SMS-R025-1.0TR-ND (MFG # SMS-R025-1.0). Click here for the spec. This might have the same footprint of the SMS part you have. The part is also non-stocking.

If the footprint is correct and only a few pieces are needed, see if 2019-TLRH3APTTE25L0FCT-ND (KOA# TLRH3APTTE25L0F) may work.

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Thanks very much for the reply, Jeff. That appears to be the exact same size as the one I need to replace.
As a side note, it seems that liquid flux is often used for this type of repair. Is there a reason that I couldn’t use standard paste flux instead? I have some Kester 63/37 solder.
Thanks again.

Hello @wrenwright,

Thank you for posting to DigiKey’s Forum.

You are correct. You can definitely use standard paste flux for your repair on this part. The liquid flux is convenient in terms of it being easier to apply for precision and clean-up. The paste flux is a thicker consistency, so it is harder to apply in tighter spaces.

Part 4423-SMS-R025-1.0TR-ND is RoHS compliant and Kester 63/37 solder has lead in it, so if you need to follow this compliance, make sure to use a lead-free solder.

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