RF coaxial nozzle

Researching a special application for RF energy – would like to use a Pasternack Waveguide to Coaxial adapter – WR340. This assembly includes a N female coaxial adapter with a “nozzle” extending into the housing – similar to a magnetron nozzle. What is the name of this coaxial adapter and “nozzle” component? Is it something Digikey sells?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Here are some N female connectors that we have available. Not sure what the “nozzle” is that you’re referring to but perhaps someone more familiar with the WR340 knows what that is and can reply.

In looking at Pasternack’s website for the WR340 waveguides, the “nozzle” referred to appears to be a antenna stub / detector coupled to the N female coaxial adaptor. This part of the waveguide assembly does not appear to be sold separately by Pasternack (or Digi-Key) from what I could determine from their website or by searching our site.