RGB use on display DLC0220BMG

Good morning,

The display with digikey part number: DLC0220BMG
It is sold to be used in both SPI mode and RGB mode.

Could you indicate how to use this object in RGB mode?

According to the datasheet of the ILI9341 (display controller in question) you should have access to pins IM3, IM2, IM1, IM0.< in order to set the desired interface.
But as can also be seen on the datasheet of the DLC0220BMG display connector, these pins are not accessible and it is not known whether they are set to GND, floating or VDD.

On the internet it was not possible to find anything that clarified whether it is actually possible to use this display in RGB mode.
And above all nothing was found that indicated alternative methods beyond the use of pins IM3, IM2, IM1, IM0 to set the interface.

Thank you for the attention.


I have submitted an inquiry to see if more data can be provided.

This has been requested from supplier. we are waiting for an answer from the manufacture. I am sorry for the delay.

Hello @david_enl,

According to the supplier and their engineer, this display is already set for RGB interface. The supplier suggested that you can connect to RGB interface according to their datasheet. They unfortunately did not have a better user manual to give.

Ok, thank you very much @Erik_Brateng !

But we are still having troubles with the RGB interface. We are not able to see anything on the display.

Could you give us anything directly related to the timing synchronization of the RGB data? (that it is not taken from the user manual)
Like Horizontal synchronization, Vertical, Back porch, front porch, etc…?

Even some lines of any working code related to the settings of these parameters could be enough for us.

Please let us know and thank you again in advance for your help and attention!

Hello @david_enl
I’ll send your question over to the supplier see if they can have one of their engineers/techs answer this for you.