Searching for wire-to-board connector, 34 mm round board, needs battery, haptic motor, speaker wires

I am designing a mobile entertainment IoT device. It is a 34 mm round board with components on both sides. It’s an ESP32-S3 Arduino-compatible board with a bunch of sensors. One application will be as a wrist watch. It will have a round battery with + and - leads (30 gauge, ~0.0509mm2), speaker, and haptic motor. I plan to manufacture 500 to 1000 wrist watches. I need an inexpensive and small footprint (less than 10 mm x 5 mm) connector to attach the battery, speaker, haptic motor. What do you recommend?

Reflection’s design is free and open-source at GitHub - frankcohen/ReflectionsOS: Arduino-based Internet enabled watch project and reference architecture to make your own projects.