Miniature PCB to cable connection types

Hi all,

I am looking for a connector for a unique application. I do not have a great electrical background so I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I am designing a load cell to be implanted into a total knee replacement. It will have a small PCB inside with 14 solder pads for a 14-conductor cable.

I was planning to run a cable out of the device by one of two ways…
(1) a PCB to cable connector of very small size
(2) a 14 wire to cable connector, that, if the cable is pulled on, it detaches from the connector.

Let me know if these make sense/if anyone has ideas. The space to work with is very small. I found a 14 conductor wire cable that is 7.6mm OD. We do not want to go much larger.

Many thanks and warm regards,

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not aware of any connector that if the cable is pulled on , that it wil detach from the connector. That one is going to be hard to find. I am sorry. I am not finding anything with that type of specification.