Series designations in capacitors (other passives)

I’m new to this forum and relatively new to tube-radio restoration. I hope I chose the correct forum. In choosing capacitors I notice there are several “Series” designations. BXW, CXW, LXW, etc. What are these and are they important in choosing the right cap?

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I am checking on this for you. Will post information when I receive it.


As an example, below are the variations of 450v, 100u in the 3 series.

The CXW is a shorter life series 5,000 hours @ 105c vs 12K for BXW/LXW.
For an audio application, a 5K life lytic is more than enough since the amp is most likely operating at room temp.
and you double the life every 10 degree drop in temp.

Other key parameters are size and ripple current capability. The LXW is downsized 16x35 vs BXW 16x45.

The “XW” types are what we call our pencil types. What I have found is for audio applications a general rule of thumb is to try to select a longer skinny cap to reduce the number of internal windings. This will help to the power supply input section of the power supply.

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Thank you. I actually prefer the thinner caps.