Question about capacitor replacement

I have some capacitors I need to replace. They both show 680 µf, 35 V, 105° C, ~5mm lead spacing, ~12.7mm outer diameter, ~22mm height. They are Samwha brand WB series. One has W1A printed on it and the other has W2E. What might be the difference in those two codes?

Hi drgracr. DigiKey is not a distributor for Samwha parts. I do not know what the difference between them are.

Click here for a link to some alternatives DigiKey offers for aluminum electrolytic for 680uF, 35V, with radial leads.

My guess is that they are proprietary manufacturing codes. e.g. date, location

The manufacturer can sometimes use those codes to figure out why some parts are failing when others are not.

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Agreeing with @PaulHutch, it’s almost certainly production/date code info.

After looking at the datasheet for your part, it looks to be rated as a high temperature, low impedance, high ripple current capacitor. It states dimensions are 12.5mm diameter by 20mm height.


Here is a capacitor we carry which meets your electrical specs and matches your dimensions:

If you have additional vertical space, here are some more caps that we currently have in stock which meet or exceed the specs on your part.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: