Shroud for a Quick Connect

I’m looking for a shroud that is compatible with the following connector from TE:
280755-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

The part was originally from Tyco Electronics (TE).
When inquiring with TE about it, they said they no longer make that part.
A picture of the shroud is shown below.
Are there any equivalent shrouds available?

Hello @pluong,

Welcome to the community. Please look at this section Best guess is it might be a Mark or Faston series quick connect in that housing.


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Thanks, from there, I found the following shroud housing,
based on the 0.375" tab width of the quick connect.

Just to be sure it fits,
the image below shows the spec sheet comparison.
My understanding is that the available height for the shroud is 3.8 mm (6.3 mm - 2.5 mm) with a width of 12.4 mm,
while the quick connect has the height of 2.55 mm ( 3.8 mm - 1.25 mm) with a width of 11.10 mm.
Does this mean the quick connect is guaranteed to fit into the shroud?

Hello @pluong,

The quick connect 280755-2 is a FASTIN-FASTON 375 series part. That cover 280311-5 is for the FASTON 375. After reviewing the different datasheets between the two series, the quick connects are different. Please stay with the same series for the housing as for the quick connect to make sure the part is compatible.

Thank you!

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Also, if you go here 280311-5 : FASTON Crimp Terminal Housings | TE Connectivity, there is a list of quick connects listed under List of FASTON 375 Quick Disconnects Models & Products | TE Connectivity

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From that info, I was able to find the following:

280311-5 (digikey #: A128658-ND)

Quick connect:
150530-1 (digikey #: A100458CT-ND)

Both of which are “Faston” series with compatible sizes.
Unless otherwise notified, I’ll assume this is the correct choice, thanks for the help.

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