Sliding contacts (brushes) for custom slip ring


I am looking for a supplier of metallic sliding contacts/ brusches for an in-house development of a slip ring to transfer data and power from a rotating spindle to the stationary housing. For space reasons, I have to integrate the slip ring into my other structure and cannot use a standard part.
I have already built and successfully tested a demonstrator with the de-soldered sliding contacts of a standard slip ring. However, for a planned small series I would like to do without always buying very expensive slip rings and soldering out their sliding contacts (which are probably penny articles). It is also noticeable that the sliding contacts from different slip ring manufacturers look identical and are therefore probably not in-house developments but bought-in parts.

After hours of searching the net, I have not found any suppliers for these contacts. Maybe Iā€™m using the wrong search term.

Does anyone have any tips on where I can find them? For clarification, here are two links to a product page of standart slip rings utilizing such contacts, which are usually soldered onto a PCB on one of the two sides: PCB slip ring | flat slip ring | flat disc electrical slip ring - MOFLON or Pancake Slip Rings | Slip Ring Pancake | Pancake Slipring - MOFLON

Iā€™m thankful for any hint.

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Unfortunately we do not carry these type of parts.

Hey @JustSomeRandomDIYGuy Iā€™m looking for the same exact thing, did you ever end up finding a supplier?