Small surface mount chip

Hello, i bought small temperature / humidity sensors ( part no. 800-3833-ND), they are 3mm x 1.5mm and have only pads on the bottom for surface mount. is there a break-out board or socket for this chip ? i cannot solder wires to it or get access to the pads. thanks, mike j

Hello M42j,

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Normally I would refer you to Adapter, Breakout Boards. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a fit for the HS3004 Renesas humidity and temperature sensor. The Adafruit 5050 LED adapter board is close, but not a match as the pad spacing is different.

Since you appear to be prototyping, may I recommend the Bosch BME 280 as installed on an Adafruit breakout board:

The adaptor board has provisions for breadboarding as shown in this tutorial. Adafruit also provides an Arduino library to assist you.

Regretfully, I was unable to provide a direct solution to your questions. Please let the community know if your project was successful.

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P.S. The Resesas 6-LGA package has a 1.0 mm pitch. This is not compatible with the SOIC 1.27 mm or the MSOP 0.5 mm pitch.

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I also did a search and wasn’t able to find an adapter that would fit a part this small.

Hi m42j,

The 800-3833-ND is the Digikey part number for the Renesas HS3004. Looking at the datasheet for this part, it is the poorest tolerance version of the HS300x series of humidity sensors, all of which are otherwise identical. Therefore, I checked for a breakout board for any in that series, and came up with the following:

MIKROE-4892 MikroElektronika “Click Board” for HS3003 ±2.5% RH tolerance sensor
MIKROE-4702 MikroElektronika “Click Board” for HS3001 ±1.5% RH tolerance sensor

Out of stock at the time of this writing:
US082-HS3001EVZ Renesas “PMOD” daughtercard for the HS3001 ±1.5% RH sensor

Any of these would work as a direct substitute and just give tighter tolerances than the HS3004.

Additionally, we have a broad range of humidity/temperature sensor break-out boards and evaluation boards available from a number of vendors, with varying levels of sensor dimensions and precisions.