SMD Capacitor Identification

Hello everyone and thank you for the great forum. I’m attempting to repair an HFL bluetooth module for a friend. After testing these caps ( appear to be electrolytic) while in circuit, the meter readings are close to the numbers on some but much higher for others. I want to take them out of circuit for further testing but am still confused due to the different code formats. Can someone please help me to identify them? Please see attached photos.

I would like the manufacture name to fully decode the part markings. To Properly measure the caps, they should be out of the circuit as in circuit you get measurements form other parts along with the one you are testing

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Hello Mr Hanninen,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please see attached photo below. Manufacturing label from both sides of the case. If there are other identifiers needed, please let me know. The general consensus on acura/honda forums is to oven bake this PCBA at 385 degrees F and it starts working again. Many reported that it only worked for a limited time though. These modules commonly cause a parasitic drain condition that kills the car’s battery over time. Taking into consideration that roHs solder formulas reflow at considerably higher temperatures than 385 F, I don’t think the oven method is a great idea. There are 3 BGA style chips on this PCBA. I wanted to properly test the capacitors before looking into reflow work.

Bump… Can anyone help identify the capacitance/voltage based on the pictures?