SMF26CA Zener diodes application

Hi, I would like to use the SMF26CA as voltage suppressor for a 24VDC bi-direction motor, max current @3.5A. Is this Zenor diode will be enough for the application and how do I connect the diodes into terminal blocks, is there a holder or some kind of adaptor to do the job?

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The SMF26CA can handle 4.8A of current, so it will be able to handle the 3.5A of your motor.
This surface mount diode is less than 1/8" long. We do not have a holder for this device.
Best way for mounting in a terminal block, is to find a comparable part with wire leads.
Click here for 5KP26CALFCT-ND. This is the closest match I found to the Standoff, Breakdown and Clamping voltages. It can handle a lot higher current than the original diode. Please check the specs and the datasheet for compatibility to your application.


Hi @xiaolei2000 ,

Here are some other accessories that may help mount the above diode:
Click here

Otherwise, this resource goes over a few DIN rail protection technologies and uses.

2946-280-502/281-609-ND is an example of a 24v DIN mount terminal with surge protector.

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Thanks a lot for your replies!

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