SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

creo que ya complete mi pedido, pero no me sale confirmacion, ya se completo el pedido?

Thanks for the reply. I replaced with a EEE-1HA010NR from here like in your link a while back after posting here and it seems to be working fine. There is a (N) mark on the PCB indicating bi-polar but I didn’t see it at first.

@Adrian You will need to call in and speak to our sales team for that information.

buen dia, yo de nuevo, podría ayudarme a encontrar un reemplazo para ese capacitor marcado en rojo:


y una pregunta mas. que significa el código de colores que tiene cada capacitor en la parte superior? hay uno negro, uno rosa y otros rojos.

ojala pueda responderme la pregunta…

muchas gracias …


The below link shows the options found based on the given information.
The color does not callout any specification. As far as I can tell it is mostly manufacturer choice what color they use.

I need to replace two SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in the controller board for Thermador oven, please see the attached photo. can you tell me the code meaning or value/voltage/temperature? Thanks.


Hello @jin11mei

Unfortunately I was not able to identify the exact capacitor in your picture to be able to verify the specifications. Based off the part marking it would appear to be a 22uF 35V, however without a data sheet I would not be able to verify this.


Hello - could you help me identify this SMD capacitor

As you can see the markings are:-

VZA - the “V” is slightly bigger than the “ZA”

It is 6mm tall by 6mm across.

So it seems that is a 47uF 35Volt Capacitor - please correct me if I am wrong!

However, does anyone know who the manufacturer is and which series so I can compare specifications to look for a superior replacement.

Hello @Richard

I think what you have is a 47uF 35V cap. The OR being a lot code and the ZA being a series number. The order is different, however I think the ZA series from Panasonic matches what you are seeing.
EEH-ZA1V470P would be an example part number


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Hello - I know I am replying to an old post - but that logo looks like a Samyoung brand of capacitor here are their datasheets - might be their “BXJ” series - replaced loads of Samyoungs - they fail JUST after the warrantee expires - which sums up Samyoung.

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Hello Robert thank you for your quick reply - the ZA series have impressive specifications which will not be easy to improve on (considering the suspected failing Cap is already ten years old) so will probably go up to a 50Volt ZA (looks like enough solder pad space is available) which will halve the ESR give 500mA more ripple tolerance and improve tan - as it is mounted on a motor will try a vibration proof version.



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Ok, I have a Kenwood TM732a that decided to blow C8 on it’s display board. It’s a SM electrolytic and the markings are from the top down, a small rectangle with a 12 beside it, 100 beneath that, and 6.3v below that. I assume that is a 10 mfd 6.3 v cap, but not sure about series, temp, tolerance or manufacturer. Anyone able to lead me in the right direction?

The below link shows the 10µf 6.3v options I have found.

This is the cap. Is the 100 code for 10 μF, or is that the true value? Someone sent me a 10 μF part from their stash and it’s half the size of this one and has 10 printed on it.


The top marking looks like a United Chemi-Con logo. The value would be 100uf at 6.3 volts. I have linked a data sheet for that manufacture that shows the top marking. You would need to measure the footprint to get the correct case size.

Tech ref# T4085125