SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

Hello - this is part of a LED headlight / turn signal controller. It seems that capacitor failure is common and identifying a source for them would help a lot of car guys. The circled one is most common and I have a board that has one connector broken off the board. Is a replacement available from Digikey?

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This is part of the Panasonic FK Series of Caps. Part markings 33 indicates a 33uF and the 2A is calling out 100V. Looks like part number PCE3846CT-ND

Thank you very much - I’ll pass this information on to a young man who is an up & coming board-level whiz. However, I started to place an order for this item and it reports as back ordered. Is there any other compatible item that is in stock?


Take a look at P124612CT-ND we have these in stock right now and looks like the specs match up.


Hi, I am hoping to identify a capacitor which has been giving me trouble for quite some time. It is from an LG Flatron monitor which, after many years of faithful service, began to make a loud whining noise as it turned on, eventually morphing into flashing off and on several times until it stabilized, and eventually into continually flashing and never fully turning on. I suspect, from the loud whining noise and the flashing, that it’s a capacitor, and from what I can see of the circuit board, it only has 2, one being tiny and the other being quite large. I suspect the large one has seen its last day, but it doesn’t look completely burst, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to read the code on it to identify what kind of capacitor I’ll need in order to replace it. I assume “100v” means 100 volts, but from what I’ve seen of other capacitors, even that may not be an accurate assumption. I’ve been stuck using my old 720p monitor for a couple of years now, and I would love to get my primary back in service.

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Hello Robbie. Thank you very much for contacting us, and I hope what I found helps.

I recognized the logo on that capacitor as being for the Samyoung company. I’ve been looking through their catalog for surface mounted capacitors, and I do believe that the marking shown does call out 33µF 100V.

The ones I could find where the top line (the lot code) ends in a J are the BXJ series, rated up to 105°C. In that series, the 33µF 100V is called out as being 10mm diameter, 10mm height, and a 10.3mm*10.3mm surface mount land size. The closest match I could find in our stock to that capacitance, voltage, size, and temperature is the Nichicon UUX2A330MNL1GS, Digi-Key 493-6281-1-ND.


Fantastic! That looks to be the same size! I wasn’t sure with what I had been reading whether the 33 meant 33µF or 3.3µF, since those were both available options and I honestly am not well-versed enough in electronics to know which would be normal for a monitor. I was lost researching it at first, too, because I thought the first symbol was a weirdly misshapen 6. It wasn’t until I started looking at other capacitors online that I realized it’s some kind of company logo instead. xD

Thank you so much for your help, Justin!

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Hello Digi-Key,
Could you please help me identify the following SMD aluminum electrolytic cap?
D x H = 6.3mm x 5.4mm
Component C12

Thank you for your time and effort.
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Scott I.

Hello @KAWI_SI

This appears to be an obsolete part number ECE-V1EA470UP looks like the manufacturer has offered EEE-FK1E470AP as a replacement.

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The part number is ECE-V1EA470UP this part is obsolete and no longer available. There are several alternatives listed on the link below.

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That’s good info. Thank you both very much for your rapid reply.


I need help replacing a capacitor in my home thermostat.


Can anyone help me out?

Hi anyone czn help me to identify the valor of this cap.

Hi Welcome to techforum! the one marked 560 would be a 56uf and 4 should be the voltage. I am unable to verify the size by photos, but you can check link below for part UWX0G560MCL1GB to see if would work after you measure you part. This one is 0.209"" L x 0.209"" W (5.30mm x 5.30mm) in size. The other looks like 680 which would be 68uf ( confirm the 6, as it also might be a 5?, photo is a little distorted on that number.) You can check out 732-8471-1-ND for that one, it is a 6.8v, we do not have anything in a 4V for that one. Again, depending on your dimensions. This one is 0.209"" L x 0.209"" W (5.30mm x 5.30mm)



Thanks for the fast response. :grinning:

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Could you please assist in identifying the capacitors in the pic below:


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It looks like this is a 47uf 25V capacitor. Here is a link to some possible options:

Hi Colby, thanks a lot. You offer a fantastic service!