SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

Hi can someone please help.

I cant find the no of serie. this is from an nvidia gpu.

Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Looks like you have a 56uF, 6.3V cap. Here is a possible matching solution: 493-2232-1-ND
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Here is a tricky one, any help with this blown capacitor?
As far as I can tell this is what can still be read on the surface.
6 3v
I’m thinking its 68uF, 6.3V but wanted to double check with you guys. Any help would be great
Here is an attached image of the blown cap.

Thank you for your inquiry Terminus,

You’d be correct at 68uF and 6.3V. Here’s similar parts we have in-stock:

I’d advise to measure the dimensions of your part to verify which part above will best suit your needs, as there’s a few different sizes available in the above link.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Any idea what is this cap?
Thank you.



I am going with possibly 22uf and 16 volts. Though I am using the code letter C that denotes 16 volts. I found some options though no size was listed. This is the link I found for options:

I tried multiple websites to see who marks their parts this way. I was not successful. Please review the link to see if anything might work. You need to find one that fits the dimensions of the original part.

Thank you. Ya, I couldn’t find any similar as well. Doesn’t seem to find any SMT mounted LA series cap.

Btw. Do you mean 220uf or 22uf?

Thank you.

Thoughts on this cap?


jkarras, Welcome to the TechForum.
This may be a 22uf, 6V, but I was unable to find a datasheet with a perfect example to decipher all the markings.

Hi all! New to this forum and hoping someone can help me identify which replacement part I need for this please?

I guess it is a 100uf, but can’t figure out the voltage from the markings.

Any help, much appreciated and thank you in advance for your support.

Welcome to the forum.

Based on the size of the texture in you photo I’m guessing the capacitor is less than 10mm in diameter. For that size I think the markings are indicating it’s 6 or 6.3V.

Here’s a search results page for 100uF at 6/6.3V.

You can modify the search to limit the 57 results to just parts that will fit on your PCB.


I found some for Panasonic S series. The markings listed on the Datasheet, shows the 100 is the capacitance of 100uf, the 6 = 6.3V, the S = the Series name, and the 9Q4 is a lot code. Click here for the options.
Please check the datasheet for compatibility to your part.

I’m trying to ID the capacitors on this board. Also, find a source where I can buy 2 equivalent ones

TACBob ,

Welcome to the Tech FORUM , those caps are part number P15092CT-ND , EEE-FT1C681AP Panasonic Electronic Components | Capacitors | DigiKey

The series is from Panasonic 680 is the capacitance , C is the voltage code 16V , FT is the series

Really need some help identifying these two caps.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi - I am trying to identify precisely these 2 capacitors which are on the electronic board of a Logitech BCC950 conference web cam base. The speaker is producing a white noise and I suspect one or more capacitors to have gone bad.
The capacitors read:
=> which I assume is 100uF 16V but what is “4N” and what does the “K” stand for?
Dia. 6.3mm; Height: ~5.9mm

=> which I assume is 220uF 16V and series VS. Does it mean ultra low ESR?
Dia. 6.3mm; Height: ~7.8mm
Also, how would I identify the “C104” indicated by the red arrow on the photo. It is darker than the others I suspect it might have gone wrong.

Thank you for the very informative forum.

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics.

4N could be indicative of a lot number. K is likely indicative of +/-10% tolerance, I do not see any stocking options at +/-10%. These are all +/-20% -

The 220uf/16V capacitor from the VS series is PCE3353CT-ND. This part is now obsolete. Please see part number 493-6214-1-ND as an alternative.

The only way to identify “C104” is if you have the board schematic that provided some specifications.

Reference number: T4373701

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