SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

The “Z” is likely calling out a Series name or manufacturing location. It appears that it would still be a 100uF 16volt capacitor.

Hi everyone.
I need you to confirm my opinion, i have been working with both of those capacitors for almost 7 years. The producer’s and seller’s labels were:

stands for 100 uF 16V E00

stands for 100uF 16V L00 (LSR)

But now, after 7 years in which they’ve always been the same, they changed.
This can be a mistake, but I need to know what datasheets means with “SERIES”.

Both of your conclusions seem valid and without a datasheet I would also assume that both are 100uF 16V capacitors.

Series is simply calling out a set of capacitors. Often a series name will specify which datasheet to use as the specific series will share the same attributes, composition, and manufacturer. There are variances in a series such as capacitance and voltage which is why you will look at the specific datasheet.


Hi, I searched the web but cant come up with anything conclusive. Can anyone help me identify the 3 capacitor that is in the picture?

Hello @Aremean

LEFT: This appears to be a Panasonic FK series capacitor. The “H” is calling out 50V and the 47 would be 47uF. There are two options though. PCE3816CT-ND is a 6.3mm diameter and 8mm tall or there is PCE3815CT-ND which is an 8mm diameter and 6.5mm tall.

Middle: This is a Nichicon UUD Series 47uF 25V Cap. Look at part 493-2273-1-ND

Right: This is also a Nichicon however, there is no series mark. The “P” is calling out 105°C and the 100 is 100uF. I am thinking it is 493-2226-1-ND. You can verify with measurements. The cap I selected is 10.5mm tall and 8mm in diameter.

Thanks for the quick reply, couple of questions;
Middle: I read somewhere that 470 represents 47uF (471 represents 470uF) is it true? Im so confused.

Next question, does it matter which series I use? Are they interchangeable? And does the polarity matter?


Yes, this is correct however not always true. Often it is based on the series and if there are options for both values or not and how much space. There is a diagram in the datasheet that confirms your thinking.

Series are interchangable, the key is making sure the landing pads on the board are the same if you are replacing bad capacitors. As for polarity it is 100% important that they are installed in the correct orientation.


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Wow… so many new things to learn. Thanks!

So can I comfirm that from my middle picture, the one I need is 470uF and not 47uF?

Thanks again

In this case it would be a 47uF per the diagram above. The link from my post should be correct and I have updated it to say 47 and not 470.

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Wow. I need data from my picture! Thanks!


and what happened?

Welcome to the Tech forum dhinojosac, I took a look and I couldn’t pin the MFG of that particular Capacitor. I would reckon that you are looking at a 150uF capacitor with either a 35 or 56 rated voltage capacity. Gut says that the 35H is closer to the series call out than anything.

It could also be that you have something that is a 56uf capacitor, you may want to check the supply voltage going into your board and if it is higher than 24V that may be more likely the case.

Nothing better than taking an instrument to your caps if they are still good.

Hi all hoping you can help identify a cap or 2 so I can check the data sheets…

They are from a 2007 model year Samsung LCD TV

I think the first 1 is a Samyoung 1000uF 10v, potentially BDS(MVK) series.

The cap…

The possible spec (highlighted) from the service manual (I don’t currently have the board, so I’m taking a stab at the part number on the board)
I don’t understand what the WT means
Screenshot_20200102-232149_Acrobat for Samsung

And the “possible” datasheet

Continuing here as I’m restricted to 3 images per post

The second one is more difficult.

I’m guessing it’s 47uF and 16v, but not sure on anything else. Again, not sure on WT, but guessing TP means “tape”.
Screenshot_20200102-232409_Acrobat for Samsung


Also need some help in identifying some SMD electrolytics:

Specially wondering about the one in the top right as it does not have polarity marks anywhere- is it likely to be a bi-polar? Wondering what would be best to replace it and the others with.

The PCB is a digital delay line board from a Panasonic AG5700 VHS VCR (mid 90s so the components may very well have been discontinued), so they may be panasonic branded. The delay line pcb doesn’t match the one in the service manual so I don’t have any reference to what values are specified there, though I’m guessing the top value is capacitance and the middle is voltage?

EDIT: Noticed a (M) marking on the underside of the top-right cap after desoldering, so I presume they’re panasonic?

I’d say it’s bi-polar/non-polar.

If it is Panasonic, then it’s probably discontinued. I’m no expert, but I’ve had a quick search.

The closest I’ve found would be their S series - maybe this replaced the “V” series, if that’s indeed what it is.

The labelling format for capacitance and voltage and 3-number series code matches up with the older VA and VV series here, but I’m not seeing the specific series codes that are on the caps in the lists for those so it may be another series.

hey buen dia, necesito saber el repuesto apropiado para estos capacitores de superficie:


For the F2/33/255 item. From what I can see in the image the last part looks to be closer to a 25S instead of 255.
If that is the case the below item was found to be the most similar.

For the 2ED/100/25E the below item had been found as the most similar.

Please review these items for your needs


The below link shows the closest I had found to the capacitor shown in the upper right.
This was found with the assumption that the 1 = 1µf