Hy every one. …I need this cable for sew machine look no one in this word can’t make… The cable is a ribbon could be another cable, the connectors are female-to-female (check this, please), 8-conductors, 2.5mm pitch, and the cable is a 300V/105°C/24AWG/8-wire cable. One line pinch not two. Some one have better idea


I sent you an email which you can use to send photos if you’re not able to add them to the forum. We probably need to see the connectors on the cable.

I noted that part number ML08G-1-ND is an example of the type of ribbon cable that you are describing. The other type of cable that sewing machines use is a Flat Flex type which is more like part number AF08-5-ND .

We need to see the connectors, too, because there are standard types of connectors that typically have nine positions (not eight) with two rows. If the connectors on your cable are different, we need to see them. Use the email that I sent you if needed, but you can also save a photo to your computer and then click+drag+drop it into a forum post as you are composing it.

I ready sent some picture and the conector …but have to be the pinch 2.5mm

I did see your previous post where you mentioned that you sent some photos, but I don’t know where you sent those.

Also, a 2.54mm pitch cable is very common, and that is what I found for any existing sewing machine cables that I saw on other sites. A 2.5mm pitch ribbon cable is far less common, and unfortunately we don’t have any on the Digi-key site that meet your requirements.

For sewing machines, it’s usually best to search the Internet by using the brand name, model name and/or number, and possibly the year. Add the word ‘cable’ to narrow the results, if needed. There are sites that sell replacement parts, and there are also sites with forums dedicated to sewing machines in general, or even a specific brand. I’ve discovered those while searching for other sewing machine parts that customers needed, and I remember that the brand and model number were the keywords that produced the best results.

Sorry we didn’t have the part you needed.