Sutiable led driver

hi guys
need your support regarding a suitable meanwell led driver for connecting 16 units of this led attached link connected in parallel and will be connected to a dimmer .

thank you


HLG-240H-42B would appear to me the most suitable device on hand at this time for the use described.

Please note however, that this device is not compatible with traditional triac-based dimmer switches; at the power levels in question, there are relatively few devices available with such a feature. If compatibility with this older technology is needed, as may be the case in a domestic retrofit application, using a larger number of lower-power drivers is suggested.

thank you very much for your replay

hi rick
just to be sure is this dimmer will be ok ? if not can you please sent a link for a suitable one?

The referenced dimming device would not be suitable for use with the power supply mentioned. Page 3 of the datasheet describes suitable dimming methods, one of which being use of a 100K potentiometer such as the P170S-FC15BR100K. Knobs compatible with the 6mm shaft of this device can be found here.

thank you for your rapid replay

just to be sure the datasheet of the driver that you mention in your comment
this is not the driver that i have . i have what you suggest in your first replay
HLG-240H-42B MEAN WELL USA Inc. | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey

Whoops, cut & paste error… The snip below is the diagram you’d be looking for.