Swage Assembly by Turret Connector


Swage Assembly is a method of mechanically fixing pin terminals to a circuit board, similar to fixing a rivet. Turret Connectors (also known as Turret Swage Terminals) are often used for connections between heavy-duty/high gauge cables and a circuit board. So, how do you swage a turret connector to your circuit board?


It is common to use a punch or a Staking Tool with a manual or automatic press, depending on the part size and pressing capacity.

Below are the basic steps for swaging.

  1. The terminal is supported under the shoulder as it sits in the anvil.
  2. The hollow shank of the terminal is passed through the board hole.
  3. The swage punch forming tool is driven into the hole of the terminal, flaring out and compressing the protruding material to secure the terminal to the circuit board.
  4. After installation on a board with plated through-holes and/ or pads, the terminal is typically soldered to provide a reliable electrical and mechanical connection.