Switchmode supplies 36v

Can you please help me identify this power supply, it has the same dimensions as the ECP180 Series, externally it looks almost identical but the ECP is not a switching mode power supply.
Kind Regards Rob


Hello g.w96, welcome to the Forum.
What are the input and output voltages that you need? How many outputs? The ECP180s are AC/DC converters, so the are switching power supplies. Here’s a link to the options we have.

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Thanks for the quick reply, so input voltage 230v and output 36v , that’s all I know about it

Of course AC to DC
Does this Ecp power supply have the same electronics on the underside as the one pictured?

The EPC180 will be the only switch mode power supply, that is 4" X 2", with the 0.84" height.
We do not have a photo available for the bottom side view of the components.

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I’ll buy one now and see if it’s the one
Thank you very much for your help, topic closed

GlobTek also has a 36v in 2x4 footprint in stock @ Digikey - it may perform better for you…
Product part number: GTM962250P22536A-CF

Datasheet: http://globtek.force.com/spec?id=01t3a000004g04O

DigiKey Link: https://www.digikey.com/en/products?mpart=1939-GTM962250P22536A-CF-ND&v=1939&utm_source=1939&utm_medium=supplier&utm_campaign=disti
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