TE Connectivity M8, M12 Connector Backshell Orientation

TE Connectivity M8, M12 Connector Series Backshell Orientation

Can a Right Angle backshell, for TE’s industrial M8 and M12 circular connectors, be adjusted so the cable exit is facing a different direction from its keying?

  1. When the core is assembled with the RA shell, the core has two key grooves and the slot in the shell is positioned. When the core and the shell are assembled, the key can be rotated by 180°.
  2. Therefore, after the core and the shell are assembled, the exposed direction of the hole may be inconsistent with the C-drawing, if it is inconsistent, the key direction of the core and the shell can be rotated by 180°(another positioning grooves)to be consistent with the C-drawing.

Our Website photo showing one orientation.

The datasheet drawing showing 180 degree rotation.
Part Number example for above:
A139250-ND (T4012008041-000)